IMNA Solutions, founded in 2014, is a software development company that has created a patented, highly secured data collection and patient management platform that is disorder agnostic. Our purpose-driven team of renowned doctors, medical professionals, security specialists, and data scientists take a patient-centric approach to managing medical conditions for healthcare providers and patients who are seeking to improve quality and level of care while reducing administrative tasks and costs.

The Price of Not Understanding Patients

Today, healthcare is more consumer-oriented than ever before. The internet creates transparency in the industry by providing everyone information and a platform to speak out. The result is a spike in “patient-first” discussions among healthcare providers.  It has become clear that focusing on the patient’s personal needs, wants, and goals, is central to improving quality of care, especially when it comes to chronic disease management. Not only do patients benefit from better health outcomes, providers receive higher approval ratings and boost their patient retention rates. In the end, there’s really no reason not to adopt the patient-first model—it’s a win for everyone involved.

Although improving the patient experience has been discussed extensively over the last few years, what’s discussed less frequently are the consequences of failing to act with the patient in mind. Not building a complete view of each patient through their journey results in lack of adherence to treatment, which leads to insufficient data for improving outcomes. By neglecting to see patients as unique individuals, healthcare providers also risk losing millions of dollars per year due to patient disengagement, most notably when it comes to those suffering from chronic illness.

A frustrated consumer also results in a poor reputation of the provider—something that can be extremely difficult for a healthcare facility to bounce back from. According to a report by Practice Builders, almost 89% of patients will not return to a healthcare facility after a unpleasant engagement experience. And as most healthcare providers know, it’s much harder to attract new patients than it is to retain existing ones.

Smart healthcare organizations have begun to implement technology that keeps track of patient data and gives patients an easy way to communicate with their providers. No chronically ill patient wants to repeat their symptoms for the hundredth time, so providing them with the tools to report their condition so their progress can be monitored will not only increase their satisfaction, it will improve their treatment.

Chronically ill patients need to be engaged long after they’ve returned home from the healthcare facility. For optimal success, healthcare providers must engage their patients from before treatment, until after treatment ends. If a patient is experiencing side-effects, has concerns about treatment, or needs to ask questions, they should have a way to contact their provider in real-time.

If your healthcare organization is interested in improving patient engagement, we’d love to hear from you and talk about how IMNA Solutions can help. Please contact us here.

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