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For Chronic Care

Did You Know?

Chronic pain is the No. 1 cause of disability
and disease burden globally

Patients With Chronic
Conditions Tend To Suffer From:

Preventable complications

Avoidable emergency department visits

Hospital re-admissions

How Do We Help?

Our AI care platform provides 360° of continual care. Seamlessly combines EHR clinical data with patient-generated health data & insights in ONE CLICK.

For Care Teams

The care teams can proactively track and manage the patients’ chronic disease trends between office visits.

Pain Map for Symptom


For Patients

Unique tools for patients to gain and
share insights into their personal
pain journey.

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Why IMNA Solutions?

Powerful Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Unified Patients’ History

  • Trends Tracking Between Visits

  • Insights for Pain Management

  • Reduced Knowledge Gaps

  • Objective Pain Assessments

  • Lower Recovery Costs

Superior and Innovative Features

Various digital
communication options

Scans, test results & reports
easily consolidated

Caregivers as parents or
guardians can have access

Simple implementation
with multiple CPT codes

It is my pleasure to endorse the team of IMNA.
They are supportive partners for complicated clinical projects, team players, fast learners, and fast responders. This is a real advantage for any company that develops medical products.

Tair Lapidot, Ph.D.
VP R&D and Clinical Development
Nasus Pharma

We Put Our Patients’ Safety Above All

  • Award-winning, patented communication technology
  • Preventing breaches and cyber attacks
  • Fully certified by strict international HIPAA and GDPR standards.

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