IMNA Solutions, founded in 2014, is a software development company that has created a patented, highly secured data collection and patient management platform that is disorder agnostic. Our purpose-driven team of renowned doctors, medical professionals, security specialists, and data scientists take a patient-centric approach to managing medical conditions for healthcare providers and patients who are seeking to improve quality and level of care while reducing administrative tasks and costs.

IMNA’s Expansion Story: Why We Chose Rockville, Maryland

By Gal Yefet, Vice President of Marketing, IMNA Solutions

Taking the leap from Israel, also known as “The Startup Nation,” to the shores of America can seem daunting, but for our team at IMNA Solutions, it was a natural transition. IMNA Solutions came to Maryland with the help of the Maryland/Israel Development Center (MIDC), a public-private partnership that promotes bilateral trade and investment between Israel and Maryland, led by MIDC Executive Director, Barry Bogage.

At our core, we’re a software development company founded in 2014 by intelligence-sector veteran Israel Haikin. Our team is comprised of renowned doctors and security specialists. As we continue to build and establish our U.S. operations and presence, MIDC continues to be great partner for an innovative startup like us. The current establishment in Maryland highlights the strong connection between the state of Israel and the state of Maryland.

Maryland is an especially important location for us because of its leadership in the healthcare industry. Maryland ranked 16th in the latest U.S. News Healthcare Rankings and continues to grow. With organizations like Johns Hopkins Health Systems, University of Maryland Medical System, MedStar Health, LifeBridge health and more, Maryland provides IMNA with a plethora of opportunities to grow through strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations.

IMNA helps pharmaceutical companies and researchers to improve the process of data collection and reduce participant’s abandonment rate in clinical trials by providing an accurate electronic Patient Reported Outcome assessment process. Using predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and patented data collection algorithms to collect, extract and analyze patient healthcare information from multiple sources, IMNA turns unstructured data into real-time, actionable insights.

IMNA Solutions has been raising money through grants and is working to partner with relatively small operations—cancer clinics, diabetes treatment programs, stem cell therapy providers, and sports medicine specialists. Maryland’s healthcare industry excellence, as well as our alliance with the MIDC, is helping us facilitate strong partnerships in the state, and we look forward to continuing our rapid growth throughout the U.S.

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