If you’ve been to Scottsdale, Arizona, we don’t have to tell you why we chose to open our second U.S. office and company headquarters there. But, if you haven’t, let us paint the picture for you: breathtaking desert landscapes with majestic Saguaro cacti, constant gleams of sunshine that set into orange-gold skies, a cost of living that’s 84% less than San Francisco, and friendly people. Lots of friendly people.


Our expansion to Scottsdale gives us the ability to provide even more outstanding support to our market’s growing needs. Healthcare is the No. 1 growth industry in Arizona and home to medical research, treatment, and diagnosis innovations.


Another reason we put our roots down in the Valley of the Sun is our close partnership with the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance (AITA). AITA is a nonprofit organization that supports business and bilateral trade through B2B initiatives and investments for companies in Arizona and Israel. Given that IMNA is an Israeli company growing its presence in the U.S. suffice to say they “get us” and they’ve been instrumental in helping since we arrived in the state.


Besides being charismatic and a natural leader, the AITA’s President and CEO, Leib Bolel, is always generous. He’s given us the opportunity to tap into abundant resources that have allowed us to communicate directly with prospective business partners, identify potential alliances and initiate business relationships. Any Arizona or Israeli company looking to expand globally or requires a positive community to aid in business development should do themselves a favor and work with the AITA. Tell Leib we sent you!


But let’s get back to that natural dose of Vitamin D coming from Arizona’s sky. We love working in a state that experiences near endless sunshine. We’re also in awe that you can easily escape the heat when the mercury starts to rise. Just a two-hour drive from Scottsdale, Flagstaff, and other northern communities can cool you off with temperatures that won’t burn your bare feet. Oh, so you want a beach fix? Puerto Penasco, Mexico, is four hours south, and San Diego is five hours west – by car!


While the climate and intelligent, friendly folks in Arizona are benefit enough, the state’s low cost of living and lower levels of traffic congestion also helped seal the deal for us. Arizona is one of the few technology hubs that maintains affordable home and rent prices and has rush hours where commuters don’t have to endure traveling five miles an hour in their vehicles in a stop and start fashion. Yes, it’s busy in rush hour, but traffic actually moves!


We look forward to developing our partnership with AITA to serve our clients best and optimize our IMNA AI care and clinical trial management platforms further. Arizona has given us the foundation we need to grow effectively, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.


If you’re in the Phoenix area, please visit us in Scottsdale, Arizona!