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How to Maximize Rehabilitation for Chronic Illness Patients

When it comes to treating chronic illness patients, we can’t forget about the treatment in-between clinic visits. Just because a chronic illness patient has either left the hospital or experienced relative stability in his or her treatment, the level of care the patient receives at home is paramount for long-term rehabilitation success. Because of this, IMNA Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest quality intervention software to help chronic illness patients regain control of their lives. We know no one wants to suffer through a chronic illness, and we’re here to change that.

If several months pass without any meaningful engagement, patients may forget about certain symptoms or warning signs, or they might be hesitant to continue taking their medication. Regular engagement is not only crucial for providing real-time information to the physician, but it’s also important for the patient’s mental well-being. No one knows a patient’s care better than the patient and his or her caregivers, and without a way to update providers on patient progress, these patients risk experiencing depression, anxiety and stress that can severely hinder treatment outcomes.

On top of this, not all chronic illness patients have at-home care teams, and the ones that do are often cared for by family or friends with little care experience. Instead of seeing improvements in their treatment, these patients are often stagnant at best. Rehabilitation shouldn’t just be fighting fires at doctor appointments; the patient should be seeing relatively consistent progress in their overall well-being.

With advancements in AI and biometric technology, there’s no excuse for making patients wait months for quality physician care. Despite this, we know it’s not possible for doctors to see every patient on a regular basis. IMNA Solutions’ ListenApp sends live updates to physicians that include food intake, sleep patterns, dehydration, perspiration levels and more. By doing this, doctors can check on the patient at all times, and patients can inform their doctors of any concerns.

Additionally, the IMNA Health platform takes rehabilitation one step further by looking at each condition on its own. This allows us to track conditions independent of the patient’s chronic illness.  For example, if a patient is experiencing shortness of breath, the IMNA Health platform will evaluate this symptom to see if it’s indicative of a whole new condition. This allows physicians to treat potentially concerning issues as they arise—not when it’s too late.

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