IMNA Solutions, founded in 2014, is a software development company that has created a patented, highly secured data collection and patient management platform that is disorder agnostic. Our purpose-driven team of renowned doctors, medical professionals, security specialists, and data scientists take a patient-centric approach to managing medical conditions for healthcare providers and patients who are seeking to improve quality and level of care while reducing administrative tasks and costs.
About Us

Our Mission

IMNA Solutions, founded in 2014, is a software development company that has created a patented, highly secured data collection and patient management platform that is disorder agnostic. Our purpose-driven team of renowned doctors, medical professionals, security specialists, and data scientists take a patient-centric approach to managing medical conditions for healthcare providers and patients who are seeking to improve quality and level of care while reducing administrative tasks and costs.

For pharmaceutical companies and researchers

IMNA helps improve the process of data collection and reduces participant’s abandonment rate in clinical trials by providing an accurate electronic Patient Reported Outcomes assessment process. IMNA collects, extracts and analyzes patient healthcare information from multiple sources, turning unstructured data into real-time, actionable insights to better understand treatment options. Our proprietary platform uses patented data collection and clinical contextual ontology algorithms. The web-based visual database leverages predictive analytics, machine learning technology, and advanced natural language processing to help doctors quickly analyze and summarize patient information.

For clinical providers

IMNA follows patients and clinical trial participants 360 degrees throughout their medical lifecycle, facilitating personalized, high-quality patient care while increasing operational efficiency.  By enabling the use of eVisits and electronic communications, IMNA ensures continuous monitoring, minimizes the gaps in patient relations and increases retention. To protect patient data, IMNA’s HIPPA and GDPR compliant platform uses military grade security with encrypted transmission and a highly secure vault storage for images.

Executive Team


Israel Haikin | Founder & CEO

Israel Haikin is the founder and CEO of IMNA Solutions. Haikin founded IMNA Solutions in 2014 following a full career in government service including the Israel Security Agency where he worked extensively with the underlying technology that IMNA Solutions brings to market. As CEO, he is responsible for managing the overall operations and resources of the company. Throughout his 28-year career, Haikin has led and inspired diverse, cross-cultural and cross-functional teams comprised of medical professionals, software engineers, data analysts, intelligence professionals, security professionals, and audio analysis technicians. Haikin serves as chairman of the board of a privately-held international trading firm and a member of the Jewish Funders Network (JFN). He holds a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation (CRMN)) and a bachelor’s degree in political science and government from Bar-Ilan University.


Meirav Naor-Weinstock | Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Meirav Naor Weinstock is the chief business development officer of IMNA Solutions. She positions the company favorably with prospects and influencers in the healthcare community and provides critical feedback to the IMNA development team to refine the company’s product offerings. Naor Weinstock brings decades of experience in international marketing, brand management and public relations to her position. She is a founding member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Lab that was established in 2009 to support new treatments of multiple myeloma. Naor Weinstock sits on the boards of Or Yarok, the Ran Naor Foundation for the Advancement of Road Safety and Research and is a member of the Jewish Funders Network (JFN). Naor Weinstock holds a bachelor’s degree in business corporate communications and economics and an associate’s degree in international marketing from Hawaii Pacific University, and an associate’s degree in food and arts photography from Gavera School of Photography.


Ariel Orbach | Chief Technology Officer

Ariel Orbach is a technology leader with more than 15 years of experience building companies in fintech, e-commerce and healthcare for millions of customers across the globe. By bridging the gap between technology and business development, Orbach has led his teams to tremendous success. He earned his Bachelor of Science in software engineering from the Jerusalem College of Engineering.


Yaron Haikin | Chief Human Resources Officer

Yaron Haikin has more than 25 years of experience in leading large-scale projects from early stages, through implementation to completion. His past experience as a high-level negotiation and management liaison for an intelligence organization makes him a skilled leader. Haikin holds a bachelor’s degree in near and middle eastern studies from Bar-Ilan University and a Master of Business Administration from Ono Academic College. He is fluent in Arabic, English and Hebrew.


Revital Salant | Chief Marketing Officer

Revital Salant brings extensive experience in management, marketing, sales and business development in the healthcare industry. Salant holds a Master of Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (MBA), a master’s degree in occupational health from Tel Aviv University (M.Occ.H) and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Tel Aviv University (B.Sc.).


Inbal Cohen | Chief Operating Officer

Inbal Cohen has extensive experience in managerial positions in the U.S., Central America and Israel. Throughout her career, Cohen has acted as the head of a legal department, a director of international affairs, an associate general counsel and as a chief executive officer. She is characterized by her legal analytical insight, along with a practical business orientation, negotiation capabilities and risk assessment management. Cohen holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the College of Management, Rishon – Letzion.


Irit Arik | Chief Information Security & Compliance Officer

Irit Arik has more than 30 years of experience in cyber defense, information security compliance, IT governance and risk management in information technology environments. She served as an information security manager for the Ministry of Health and as the CEO and CISO for RUsafe. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem and a CISO certification from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Board Of Directors

Zur Ezion1

Mr. Zur Ezion

Mr. Zur Ezion provides Legal Business Consulting and has extensive experience in cross-border mergers and acquisitions as well as finance and investments transactions. Mr. Zur works with multinational companies and with large private companies and investors operating in a number of sectors.


Leib Bolel

Leib Bolel serves as the president and CEO of the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance and venture partner at Grayhawk Capital in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over a decade of experience in the area of new business development, startups, marketing, funding acquisition and general operations management, Bolel has been instrumental in building organizations from the ground up.


Russ Yelton 

Russ Yelton is President/CEO of Yelton and Associates. Yelton and Associates is a consulting firm that provides community development services to municipalities and scaling businesses. The firm assists business to scale abd obtain angel investment, private equity, as well as venture capital.

Yelton also serves as the CEO of Perimeter83 at University of Advancing Technology, a one-of-a-kind corporate training and technology startup coworking space in Arizona.

Previously, Yelton served as Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Transplant Technologies (PTT). PTT scaled from 20 to over 100 associates, and grew revenues from $3.6m to over $18.5m. Russ currently sits on the Advisory Board for PTT and retains an ownership interest.

Prior to PTT, Russ was President/CEO of the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET), former Chair of AzBIO from 2015-2017, and currently serves as Past Chairman of the Board of AzBIO, Chair of the Flinn Bioscience Entrepreneurship Committee, a Member of the Arizona District Export Council (DEC), a Member of the Arizona Bioscience Roadmap Steering Committee as well as several others.


Advisory Board

Avi Naor

Avi Naor

Mr. Naor is the founder and Chairman of Or-Yarok Association and the Chairman of the National Authority for Highway Safety Steering Committee. Prior to this Mr. Naor served as President & CEO of Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), a global leader in billing systems, CRM, self-service, order management, mediation, and content revenue management. Mr. Naor was also a member of the Aurec Group, an Israeli-based private equity firm with cable and telecom investments.


Scott Hansbury

Scott Hansbury is the CEO of YouStake, a venture capital-backed FinTech company delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) for investment in athletes.  He demonstrates leadership in the strategic planning, rapid and continuous growth and management of multi-million-dollar business operations. Hansbury also possesses extensive experience analyzing market and technology trends and leading teams that create industry-leading businesses.

Meet The Team

Andrew Steele

Business Development US

Elena Entelis

Algorithm Developer

Guy Swisa

QA Engineer

Shauli Algawi

iOS Developer

Pavel Eliav

DevOps Engineer consulting

Roy Barak

Frontend Developer

Ben Khayut

Algorithm Software Engineer

Asaf Varon

Android Software Developer

Daniel Cojocari

Product Manager

Asi Zaltzman

Software Developer

Nikita Chernyi

DevOps Engineer

Vasil Shlapak

QA automation Engineer

Ravit Shlivinski

Web Developer

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